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  • To Become The World's Leading Integrated Circuit Total Solution Provider


    Wireless Communications

    Application Field

    Focus on RF chips and high-end analog chips, and provide total solution covering 5G m-MIMO, macro cells and small cells.

    • 5G m-MIMO
    • Small Cell
    • GaN PA
    • Transceiver

    Optical Communications

    Application Field

    Focus on Access Network,Datacom/Telecom and 4G/5G base station.Typical products include 10/25/100Gbps chipsets.

    • Access Network
    • Datacom/Telecom

    Consumer Electronics

    Application Field

    Focus on Wi-Fi and 5G RF front-end solution,especially RF IC research and development

    • Wi-Fi 6/6E FEM
    • SOC

    Ethernet PHY

    Application Field

    Suitable for various application scenarios such as communications, industrial automation, DTV, and network cameras etc.

    • Routers
    • IP Cameras
    • Base Stations
    • Ethernet Hub
    • Ethernet Switch