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  • Communication Chip Expert



    Based on GaAs process
    Cover sub-8.5 GHz  frequency band
    Fully compatible with mainstream products

    Drive Amplifiers

    Based on GaAs HBT process
    Cover 0.7-7.2 GHz frequency band
    Fully compatible with mainstream products


    SPDT, SP4T, SP5T switch series based on SOI process
    Wide bandwidth, high isolation, high power resistance
    Fully compatible with mainstream products

    Switch-LNA Rx FEM

    Cover 2.3-5 GHz  frequency band
    Anti-burnout power capacity up to 20W
    Large shipments to mainstream equipment manufacturers in China


    GaAs HBT/pHEMT amplifier,SOI attenuator
    Cover 0.4-4.2 GHz frequency band
    High integration, high linearity, low noise

    High performance AD/DA and analog devices

    Analog devices based on CMOS process, include high-performance ADC, DAC, BandGap, analog switch, temperature sensor, clock driver, etc.
    Typical use cases: GaN / LDMOS controller (48 / 32 channel DACs), PA gate voltage switch, current detection high-precision operational amplifier.

    Discrete GaN Power Transistors

    Provide 2.6/3.5GHz multi-stage discrete GaN power transistors based on Doherty architecture
    High gain, high efficiency

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