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  • About MEENYI

    Founded in 2015, Chengdu Meenyi Electronic Technology Co.,  Ltd.  focuses on the development and design of 5G communication chips, including RF front-end chips, optoelectronic chips, Ethernet PHY chips and high-performance analog chips. Our service network covers mainland China and selected regions in the world, and we provide customers with products and solutions with high performance, low power consumption and high reliability.
    With leading analog and RF product development capabilities, Meenyi Technology specializes in chip development and design based on GaAs, CMOS, SiGe, SOI and GaN processes. Analog products cover Wi-Fi AP transceiver chips, high-speed ADC/DAC and high-precision ADDA, etc. RF ICs include LNAs, Switches, Rx Dual Channel Switch-LNA FEMs, TX/RX DVGA , Drive Amplifiers, Discrete GaN power transistors, Doherty PAs, Wi-Fi 6/6E FEM. Optical products focus on Access Network and Datacom/Telecom, and we provide 10G PON OLT, 10G PON ONU, 10G SFP+,10G APD TO and 25G/100G series chips. Ethernet PHY products include Single/Quad/Octal-Port 1000Mbps and Single-Port 2.5Gbps PHY products, offering solutions for multiple applications including communications, industrial automation, TV, Web camera, etc.
    The company is headquartered in Chengdu High-tech Zone, and has two subsidiaries: Chengdu Mingkai and Chengdu Zhizheng. We have built 4000㎡ production line and laboratory in Chengdu Free Trade Zone, set up advanced R&D center in Shanghai, established  laboratories in Nanjing and Xi'an, and set up the sales center in Shenzhen. Our core R&D team comes from top universities and well-known enterprises in the industry, including University of California, Santa Barbara, University of Iowa, University of Stuttgart, Tsinghua University, University of Electronic Science and Technology of China, Xidian University, etc.
    Our products have been widely used in wireless base stations, Wi-Fi terminals, mobile terminals, access networks , data centers and other scenarios. With overall solutions, core autonomous R&D and industrialization capabilities, complete and stringent quality and reliability control process, rich experiences in the product definition, development and massive shipment, we aspire to be the world’s leading IC designer and total solution provider.

    our culture

    Core technologies to connect the world.

    Service makes a difference Actions define the standard

    Customer-Dedicated Innovation-Driven

    MEENYI History

    Chengdu Meenyi Electronic Technology Co., LTD was founded
    TO production line put into operation
    Shanghai Advanced R&D center, Shenzhen sales center and Xi 'an laboratories were established
    We were certified as a National High-tech Enterprise
    National Key Enterprise of Integrated Circuit Design ,The National Specialized and Special New "Little Giant" Enterprise

    Honors and Qualifications

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